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Ziptales offers schools whole school site licence access to the resource, with options to add on additional homework licences, or save by signing up for extended licence periods.

If you are a school with years 1-12, please only include the number of pupils in years 1-6.

Whole School Licence

# of Pupils:
Cost (per year):
< 150 £100
150 - 300 £200
301 - 500 £300
500 - 900 £400
901 + £500

We also have single class licences and SEN licences available for only £60 / year (maximum of 30 pupils).

Available Add-ons:

Homework Licence Add-on - Allowing your pupils to use Ziptales at home as well
2 Year Pre-Paid Licence - Save 15%!
3 Year Pre-Paid Licence - Save 20%!

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