Program Details – Make and Do

‘MEDIUM’ PROJECTS (LEVEL 2 - Years 2-4 approx)

Percy the Pup: a really cute sock puppet project (template provided), with moveable mouth, constructed using a sock and coloured felt. (229 words)

Dancing Ted: an articulated (2D) paper sculpture or puppet (template provided), with arms and legs operated by a pull string apparatus. (223 words)

Jack in a Box: a relatively easy to make cardboard toy, with tiny Jack figure (template provided), glued together and coloured. (187 words)

Super Glider: a mid level paper plane project. (257 words)

Wally Walker: a rubber band powered ‘walking machine’, made out of a cotton reel, bamboo stick and a candle. This project has a number of more demanding stages, and requires ‘safe’ cutting by an adult. (507 words)

Animal Kites: two lovely kite projects (templates provided) – quite a few stages, but quite easy to cut out and colour. (247 words)

Magic Trick 2: Prospero the Magician demonstrates a simple card trick. He then shows how to prepare the trick and make it look convincing. (Video)

‘HARD’ PROJECTS (LEVEL 3 - Years 4-6)

Christmas Ball: a really nice paper or cardboard multi-coloured 3D decoration, constructed with drawn circles (template provided) with equilateral triangles. Quite demanding but worth the effort. (329 words)

Jumping Frog: an origami project, with a great many stages, and fairly complex, but the end result is charming. (241 words)

How to Draw Cartoons: Caanan the cartonist shows how to draw faces, and create interesting personality effects. (Video)

Magic Trick 3: Prospero the Magician demonstrates a simple trick, in which paper that has been ripped up is miraculously made whole again. He then shows how to prepare the trick and make it look convincing. (Video)